How Much Do You Really Know About NASCAR?

NASCAR and the world of racing received big news this week when Michael Jordan announced he was joining forces with Denny Hamlin to launch a new team for the 2021 season with Bubba Wallace behind the wheel. Jordan becomes the first full-time Black NASCAR Cup Series team owner since Wendell Scott nearly 50 years ago, […]

6 Tips To Help You Keep Your Players Motivated

A team’s motivation can shift from day to day, partially because it’s dependent on each individual player. The most successful coaches find positive ways to engage their athletes, so today we’ve got six small habits that will help you inspire and motivate your team. Cultivate a positive team culture.  Team culture is the expression of […]

Setting Good Habits That Lead To Greater Productivity with Coach Heather Macy

This episode of the Sport Fuels Life podcast features the all-time winningest coach in the history of East Carolina University women’s basketball: the great Heather Macy. She’s not only a coach, but also an author, motivator, and leader. Heather prides herself in helping others reach their goals. Her philosophy of impacting and influencing is based […]

This Just In: Big Ten Football is Back!

Just one month after the announcement to postpone football to a spring 2021 season, the Big Ten just announced that they will return to competition on October 24th. ESPN reports that officials voted to begin the fall 2020 season thanks to new rapid testing opportunities and medical information that has brought new confidence around the […]

Choose Your Own Adventure With Ultrarunner Pete Ripmaster

Iditarod champion, adventurer and ultrarunner Pete Ripmaster shares his unbelievable and inspirational journey on this episode of the Sport Fuels Life Podcast. Not only has Pete faced howling wolves, a brush with death, and a daunting journey across the Alaskan wilderness to win the 2018 1000-mile Iditarod Trail Invitational, he’s also a keynote speaker and soon to be […]

The Path To Victory: 3 Winning Strategies for Volleyball Coaches

You’ve just coached your volleyball team to victory in game two after a tough loss in the first game with a deficit of just two points. Your team is thrilled to have another opportunity to grab the W, but as a coach, how can you adjust your strategy for game three to keep your team’s […]

How to Prevent Soccer’s Most Common Injuries

Although sports can provide great health benefits, common soccer injuries can put a strain on the physical, mental, and emotional health of even the best players. It’s important for athletes to know the risks, best practices for prevention, early detection and treatment to keep them on the field safely all season long. Common soccer injuries […]

Can Listening to Music Help Boost Your Workout?

According to the National Center for Health Research, “Listening to music while exercising doesn’t just relieve boredom — it can help improve the quality of your workout by increasing your stamina and putting you in a better mood.”  And now that the September edition of the Sport Fuels Life workout playlist is here, you can let the latest hits from BTS, […]

Can Unorthodox Coaching Methods Change Your Team For The Better?

Part of the coaching journey is the pursuit of new ideas and approaches that elevate the game. The NFL’s New York Giants new head coach is no exception, and he’s making waves with the unorthodox methods he’s bringing to the team culture. Prior to joining the Giants, Judge spent 8 seasons with the New England […]

What’s the Safest Sport to Play During COVID-19?

With athlete safety at the top of every school, club and sports organization’s list of priorities to navigate during this ongoing strange season of Coronavirus social distancing life, many parents and players are opening their hearts to new and creative ways to continue to compete. Individual sports such as running, climbing, pickleball, tennis, fencing, cycling […]

How To Build A Confident Athlete

Tami Matheny has been a coach and an athletic director working to help produce nationally ranked teams, conference champions, and win numerous individual awards. All that, and she’s also the author of The Confidence Journal, The Confident Athlete and her newest book, This is Good!

Fan Mail: These Letters Took 20 Years to Reach Barry Sanders

If you’re like most students in America, at some point during your middle school or junior high experience you were probably tasked with writing a celebrity or professional athlete a letter. Most of these pieces of fan mail receive responses with autographed photos, and usually it’s a favorite project for students who are thrilled to […]

Are College Sports Really Putting Athlete Safety First?

George Plaster is a sports talk radio pioneer. He joins us on this episode of the Sport Fuels Life Podcast to discuss his career and weighs in on the latest sports news, from coronavirus, professional sports bubble competition, toxic team cultures and what’s actually motivating athletic directors and universities decision on whether or not to […]

Do You Know Your Football Trivia?

While college football teams across the U.S. decide what to do about their 2020 season, we’ve been getting our football fix by rewatching Friday Night Lights (Texas Forever!) and making trivia quizzes. Find out how much you really know about your favorite sport by taking this quiz now! powered by Typeform

3 Reasons You Need A Mindfulness Walk

LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are all successful athletes who have discussed the value of meditation to assist them in their performance during the game. But why should you try a walking meditation? We’ve got three great reasons! It Clears Out Mental Fog.Taking a walk outside interrupts the monotony of the […]

Is the Sports “Bubble” A Good Model To Resume College Games In The Fall?

In an effort to finish the 2020 season, the NBA has moved 22 of its 30 teams to a restricted access area at Disney World in Florida and has delivered on its promise to print “Black Lives Matter” on the game court in Orlando. The WNBA has returned, launching bubble games on July 25th, with […]

How To Change The World From Right Where You Are

Professional tennis player and longtime coach Tim Siegel had found success in his career and had just shifted gears to slow down and spend more time with his family when the unthinkable happened. His 9 year old son, Luke, was in a terrible golf cart accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. 

Can vulnerability contribute to building a positive team culture?

Studies show that the pressure and culture of high performance athletics can lead to chronic fatigue, mental exhaustion, burnout, depression and anxiety. Student athletes all over the country often struggle silently for fear of looking weak to their teammates and coaches, believing a false definition of what mental toughness actually looks like.

The Sport Fuels Life July Playlist is Here

This month’s Sport Fuels Life playlist features classic sports anthems, perfect for your morning jog or return to the weight room. Legendary artists to help get you motivated from House of Pain, Survivor, The Ramones, Guns N’ Roses, Billy Joel and more! 

Tennis Ace Tim Wilkison Shares Coaching and Competitive Insights

Commitment matters. After Tim started playing tennis exclusively at age 12, he marked off the days on his calendar when he practiced at least two hours (usually longer). Since he didn’t have access to indoor courts, he spent rainy days hitting balls against the wall of an indoor gym. He practiced four years in a row without missing a day.

Understanding Your Why with Coach Mike Srock

Accomplished speed and strength coach Mike Srock, from James F. Byrnes High School in Greenville, South Carolina, wants his players to have purpose in everything they do. Read on below to learn how his program has pivoted during COVID-19 and what he’s doing in preparation when in-person practices and competition to resume. Coach Srock says […]

More than just Speed and Strength Training

Coach Srock has designed a dynamic speed drill plan for his athletes this summer, and Sport Fuels Life members get exclusive access. Be among the first to know when this workout drops next week and sign up for your free Sport Fuels Life membership today!

5 Sports Films That Highlight the Struggles of Legendary Black Athletes

Team Connection is committed to connecting athletes, coaches, and fans to celebrate the unifying power and magic of sports.  We are also learning from each other.  One of our team members, Eric Lamar, recommended this list of movies to show what systemic racism looks like in the world of sports.  We’ll be showcasing other educational […]

Achieving The Perfect Balance, With Coach Mike Srock

Mike Srock is a renowned speed and strength coach for James F. Byrnes High School in Greenville, South Carolina and has helped win 13 state championships in football, volleyball, softball and cross country. He has been awarded numerous Coach of the Year titles for his incredible work, and was inducted into the South Carolina High […]

Can Running A Marathon Help Your Grieving Process?

“I told her I’d run the Charleston City Marathon because that was the race that she always ran. She always wanted me to run it with her, but I didn’t get the chance while she was here. I promised her that I would run the race in her honor.”

3 Ways to Support Your Mental and Emotional Health

Navigating the mental and emotional challenges of a global pandemic is taking its toll on even the most elite athletes. If you’re wondering what you can do to work through your feelings, we’ve got three helpful tips to move toward mental and emotional wellbeing.

How Tennis Fuels the Life of Elite Tour Coach Craig Boynton

“Sports is my life,” he said. Everything I have in my life is directly or indirectly because of coaching. If it weren’t for tennis, I would never have met my wife Terry, a former collegiate tennis player at Stanford who holds the record for dual match percentage while she played on the tour.” They have three children ranging in age from 17 to 25.

U.S. Olympic Medalist Sandi Morris Gets Creative with her Quarantine Training

Olympic pole vaulter Sandi Morris has a spirit of ingenuity and determination that pushes through life’s challenges, so when the world went on pause for COVID19-related quarantines and stay-at-home measures, Sandi knew it was time to double down

Have a Family Dance Party to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle During Quarantine

Even if you’re not a parent or an athlete with siblings, chances are high that you’ve reached your limit of finding things to do at home during quarantine to keep yourself or your children entertained. This week we’ve got just the thing you need to promote an active family lifestyle (and give your Netflix account […]

Coaches: Make Your Team Part Of The Family

We admire Coach Shaver for his tenacity and for being a positive role model. Special thanks to Coach Shaver and the individual who nominated him, for sharing this truly worthy Sport Fuels Life story. Do you know a coach or athlete who is doing amazing work? Nominate them today for a chance to be featured right here on our blog!

Stay Motivated with this Sport Fuels Life Playlist

Our awesome Sport Fuels Life team has created our very first Spotify playlist! We’re calling the inaugural playlist “We Don’t Quit” because it features a few of our favorite pop and hip-hop songs for your stay at home quarantine workout. These beats are sure to help get you energized and infuse you with the confidence […]