Mental Health Focus is Always Relevant: Top 5 Ways To Boost Mental Wellness

What does mental wellness look like for athletes in a season of cancelled competitive sport?

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The Top 9 MLB Players of All Time

While we await the return of baseball, we’re celebrating history’s top 9 most impactful players in the game, making a lasting impression on baseball as well as beyond the playing field. Read on below…

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Tennis Ace Tim Wilkison Shares Coaching and Competitive Insights

Commitment matters. After Tim started playing tennis exclusively at age 12, he marked off the days on his calendar when he practiced at least two hours (usually longer). Since he didn’t have access…

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More than just Speed and Strength Training

Coach Srock has designed a dynamic speed drill plan for his athletes this summer, and Sport Fuels Life members get exclusive access. Be among the first to know when this workout drops next week and…

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Can Running A Marathon Help Your Grieving Process?

“I told her I'd run the Charleston City Marathon because that was the race that she always ran. She always wanted me to run it with her, but I didn’t get the chance while she was here. I promised her…

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Tune In To The Sport Fuels Life Summer Classics Playlist

Get your summer sizzlin' with these upbeat summertime classics. From Paul Simon to Eddie Money, we have the retro vibes you forgot you loved.

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Networking is the Key to Take Your Coaching to the Next Level

In this third and final segment of our discussion with highly regarded tennis coach Craig Boynton, we learn more about the coaching profession and possibilities for the future of sports.

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3 Ways to Support Your Mental and Emotional Health

Navigating the mental and emotional challenges of a global pandemic is taking its toll on even the most elite athletes. If you’re wondering what you can do to work through your feelings, we’ve got…

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Elite Tennis Players Have A Freak Factor. Do You?

In this second blog post with veteran tennis tour coach Craig Boynton, he discusses why this is one of the most exciting times in men’s tennis and talks about the various “freak factors” that make…

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Top 5 Ways To Boost Mental Wellness

What does mental wellness look like for athletes in a season of cancelled competitive sport?

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How Tennis Fuels the Life of Elite Tour Coach Craig Boynton

“Sports is my life,” he said. Everything I have in my life is directly or indirectly because of coaching. If it weren’t for tennis, I would never have met my wife Terry, a former collegiate tennis…

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Your May Workout Playlist is Here!

Each month the SFL team curates a Spotify playlists to support you in your safer at home fitness goals!

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The Best Sports Movies To Watch

Looking for a little inspiration during quarantine? Our Sport Fuels Life team has compiled a list of our top 12 favorite sports movies that will remind you of why you love the game, and a bonus…

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The Ultimate Throwback Playlist For Your Workout

The entire month of April we are creating weekly Spotify playlists to support you in your safer at home fitness goals!

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U.S. Olympic Medalist Sandi Morris Gets Creative with her Quarantine Training

Olympic pole vaulter Sandi Morris has a spirit of ingenuity and determination that pushes through life’s challenges, so when the world went on pause for COVID19-related quarantines and stay-at-home…

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Coaches: Make Your Team Part Of The Family

We admire Coach Shaver for his tenacity and for being a positive role model. Special thanks to Coach Shaver and the individual who nominated him, for sharing this truly worthy Sport Fuels Life story.…

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Overcoming Obstacles with World Champion Chelsea Werner

World Champion Special Olympics gymnast Chelsea Werner knows how to take every obstacle life can throw her and turn it into solid gold.

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The Value of Strong Coach-Athlete Relationships

We’ve got five vital strategies to help you strengthen your relationship with your players, and make each season a victory–regardless of the game statistics.

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Building Confidence And Developing A Winning Mindset with Elle Purrier

Track star and American indoor mile record holder, and Olympic hopeful Elle Purrier discusses her #sportfuelslife journey and shares what herls her build confidence to run the race.

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Get to know Bri Scott

Bri Scott is sharing her #sportfuelslife journey with us in today’s blog post! Read on to get to know more about this stellar member of our Team Connection squad!

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What Fuels New Orleans Saints Defensive Lineman Shy Tuttle

Shy Tuttle gives it his all on and off the field, and tells us why he believes that sport fuels life.

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How to Build Confidence for the Game

How to build authentic, lasting confidence for the game, and why you should extend your practice beyond the team.

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What Makes Elite Athletes Rise To The Top When It Counts

We’ve discovered the top 3 important qualities that drive sport’s most elite athletes toward great heights when it counts the most.

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How To Create Winning Cultures For Your Team and Life

Sports don't discriminate. Sports don't care about one's race, class, ethnicity or religion. It’s the thing that unites everyone and helps them escape into the open.

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