Getting out of your comfort zone is not always easy, but it is necessary for growth. Did you know that taking a step, no matter how small, to push yourself to do something just a little uncomfortable can benefit you in other areas of life? It may sound silly but this can be good practice for taking on challenges in athletics and in life.

When we challenge ourselves daily to do something seen as difficult or uncomfortable and then complete the task successfully, we teach ourselves that we are able to overcome challenges and practice mastery of fear. Ever wonder how some people seem to be so good at everything? There is a little secret to it…success is a skill that can be practiced and mastered by all.

Learn to see opportunities to grow, instead of obstacles to fail. When you practice a winning mindset with daily tasks, you carry those skills over to your ability in achieving bigger and more rewarding goals.  Your perspective can result in the preparation and performance required to be successful.

The reality is that small steps are attainable and help you avoid feeling overwhelmed, especially with an already busy schedule.  Next time you are called to do something that you initially resist, turn it into a challenge and prove to yourself that you are able to tackle anything that comes your way!

To inspire your thinking and your journey, we’ve included some quotes below that may be helpful.  Send us your favorite practices of small steps and words of wisdom and we’ll share them for our Sport Fuels Life community at

Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills: "If you get a chance to show some love today do it! It won't cost you nothing."

John Wooden, Former UCLA Basketball Coach: “It’s the little things that are vital.  Little things make big things happen.”  

Nelson Mandela:  "It always seems impossible until it’s done."

Trevor Lawrence, Jacksonville Jaguars: "I am driven to be the best I can be, and to maximize my potential. And to WIN. I am secure in who I am, and what I believe."

Joe Burrow, Cincinnati Bengals: "I think people really underestimate the power of just wanting to do it, and hard work, and competitive spirit, and preparation."