Everyone is talking about New Year’s resolutions now.  As coaches and players, we all know that practice and patience are the keys to success and that actions, not words, are critical.  So today, we’re featuring several suggestions from our community that focus on being a better athlete and a more well-rounded person.  After all, someone who is happier and healthier is bound to be a better player.  Here are seven ideas to consider.  We welcome your suggestions because you always have good ones.  We’ll run them throughout the year because being your best doesn’t just happen in January!

  1. Learn a new skill

One way to keep growing is to continue expanding your skillsets. Challenge your mind and your body by trying something new. Stick with that new skill for at least one month to watch yourself progress. All you need to develop a new activity is 15 minutes per day. Even better, teaching yourself how to improve in one area of life is a positive behavior that can transcend to other areas in your daily actions. Soon you will become a faster learner and better problem solver.

  1. Connect with a mentor

A sure and fast way to learn from the success of others is to become their student. Find someone who may be a little further down the road you would like to travel.  Listen to their story, ask for advice, and incorporate their teachings in your own life.  Stay in touch regularly to help guide you down the desired path.

  1. Plan meals and cook most of the food you eat

Stay on top of your health by fueling your body optimally. Avoid processed foods and take the time to plan and prepare your meals with natural ingredients. Optimal fuel leads to optimal performance!

  1. Stretch for 5 minutes before going to bed

Wind down your day with a little stretching to enhance the recovery process from your workouts or stress from the day. Stretching before bed improves flexibility, calms your body, and helps improve sleep. If you have any nagging injuries, this is also a great time to give those a little extra care.


5. Enjoy more frequent walks in the sunshine

Our days can so easily become overstimulated that it can be a nice refresher to take a 5-minute break.  Enjoying a quick stroll in the sunshine can provide other benefits including getting exposure to vitamin D, lowering blood pressure, reducing stress, and improving your cognitive function.

6. Hold yourself accountable

The best way to see where you are going is to start by looking at where you stand. This means taking an honest look at yourself, your actions, and how they position you toward what you want to become. If you set a goal and you don’t take the right actions to get there, you need to acknowledge that you may be setting yourself back and then take corrective action. Another great option to stay on track is to find an accountability partner with weekly check-ins to give you the honest feedback.

7. Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you

It is easy to become complacent if we are the big fish in a small pond. Sometimes the best way to ensure continued growth is to surround ourselves with people who may be more skilled or accomplished.  This can push us to become even better versions of ourselves by inspiring actions and ideas we thought were previously impossible.

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Thank you for being a part of the Sport Fuels Life community!