Today we talk to Nathalie Elliott about her transition from student-athlete to the working world as High Point University’s athletic trainer for cross country and track and field. During her Division I athletic career of five years, Nathalie earned honors of a 3x Big South Conference Champion and 4x NCAA Regional qualifier in the women’s pole vault while completing her Master’s degree in Athletic Training. As a recent graduate, Nathalie shares a unique perspective on how she has turned the chapter from pole vaulter to athletic trainer, still keeping sports close to her heart.

Sport fuels life for Nathalie because she is passionate about “growing athletes to the best of their abilities.” Having experienced success in her pole-vaulting career, along with the physical and mental challenges that came with it, has given her a deeper understanding in how to best help others in their sports journeys. She shares her insights on the power that developing self-confidence had on her athletic career and how she hopes to help other athletes reach their peak performance.