Sport Fuels Life Podcast Co-host Scott Houston finished in 12th place with a mark of 5.50m / 18’ 0.5” at the recent USA Track and Field Outdoor National Championships in Eugene, Ore.  This was off what it took to win the 2018 national championship that sent him to the world competition, but it was satisfying since he was still recovering from an injury. 

“Based on where I was a month before competition--dealing with a severe injury that impacted by confidence,” Scott said, “I was pleased with my execution.” 

What advice does he have for other athletes who are dealing with injuries? “Knowing I was not 100% physically sound, it was important for me to take ownership over what I could control,” Scott explained. “I reached out to other people with more experience and learned about what might help me with my injury and also visualized myself being successful.” In doing so, Scott was able to get his body rehabbed properly for optimal performance, while also sharpening his mental game. 

Scott was fortunate to be coached by his wife and Sport Fuels Life Podcast Co-host, Megan Houston, who is also an elite pole vaulter.  “I was recovering from surgery on both my ankles, so I sat out the outdoor season,” Megan said.  “Scott is pretty independent when it comes to being coached, but it is always helpful to have someone watching your jumps, especially during a competition so that you can make the right adjustments to clear the bar.  I help him with making those calls and giving technical cues to be successful.”

Both Scott and Megan enjoy competing as another way to travel the world and experience new things together.  Scott noted, “for me, track and field is a way to keep challenging myself both as an athlete and a coach. As an athlete, I continue to push limits in my body and see new places because of sport-specific accomplishments. And as a coach (at High Point University), I get to help others achieve their dreams and be an example for my team.”

Scott and Megan personify sport fuels life.  They also reflect the adage that teamwork makes the (pole vaulting) dream work!

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