Scott Doerner discusses his varied championship tennis career and how a winning team culture helped fuel a national championship. Those principles still apply!

Scott Doerner is a man of many talents who believes everything matters in sports. He currently coaches ATP tennis player Sam Querrey and has won 17 Pop Tennis Major Titles. (POP tennis is a scaled-down version of regular tennis only played on shorter tennis courts with shorter, solid racquets and lower compression tennis balls.) Scott is also a former collegiate coach and an All-American tennis player at Pepperdine University.

“When the margins are so thin in our Sport... Everything Matters!“

“I really enjoy just helping, coaching, mentoring people that are engaged in the sport....and maybe I can give them a perspective that opens a door for them.”

“We had a strong leadership base that embodied giving it your best and that's what gave us the bravery and the courage under pressure to go for it because we practiced it all the time.“