Although 2020 had a lot of downsides, it showed us the resilience and innovation of humanity. Despite the pandemic, we found new ways to put our health and wellness first. As we move into 2021, these new innovative movements are still at the forefront. Check out the top 5 wellness trends likely to take off in 2021.

Flexible goal setting

This past year, most of us were forced to change our plans and approach our goals differently. By realizing the world can change our plans at any moment, people have had to learn to approach goal setting differently.

In 2021, there will be a shift to focus on smaller, more manageable goals. This has been present over the last year, as people begin making realistic health goals for themselves. Having a list of small, realistic goals, also known as micro-goals, can help you feel more accomplished. Being able to reach these smaller goals can help improve mental health and get you one step closer to achieving your ultimate goal.

Virtual Fitness

This past year saw less gym visits due to the pandemic. In their place, virtual fitness and equipment has taken off. Big name gyms, such as Barry’s Boot Camp and Fable Yoga, are offering customers instructor led virtual options to keep you healthy at home. We have also seen the rise of virtual, interactive equipment, such as Peloton.

The quality of virtual workouts has improved significantly over the last year. Whether it’s prerecorded classes or zoom, there are great options for every type of workout including with and without equipment. Whether you crave the community or are just looking for something new, the internet has made reaching your fitness goals easier than ever.

Wearables and Fitness Tech

Wearable technology and fitness trackers have grown in popularity over this past year. They have continued to grow and shape the world of health. New advancements have allowed people to personalize all of their data; increasing the helpfulness of the technology and the ability to track fitness journeys more accurately.

Smart watches by companies like Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung have the ability to track your workout while storing your personal health history. Many of these options offer bluetooth connectivity, a GPS option that can track your route, store a playlist, measure your heart rate and even your blood oxygen level. These fitness tools can help you reach goals and alert you to any changes in your health.

Outdoor Fitness

Similarly to virtual fitness, the use of the outdoors as a method of fitness have grown considerably over the course of the pandemic. 70% of people believe that the best way to stay fit during 2021 is through a combination of outdoor fitness and home workouts, according to a study by RunRepeat. Strict lockdowns have made green spaces and parks a haven for exercise and activity.

Whether it be a socially distanced yoga class in the park or a hike through a local trail, the outdoors have created a place for people to gather or escape with increased safety. The outdoors have created a reprieve to improve mental and physical health and will remain popular through 2021.

Screen Detoxes

Between Zoom calls and emails, working from home has increased our use of screens significantly. Due to the increased idle time, streaming service use has also increased. With all the extra time spent on our phones, computers and TVs, everyone is in need of a break. The light from electronics can stress your eyes, change your sleep patterns and have lasting effects on mental and physical health.

Screen detoxes can be helpful to reset your psych and stabilize your health. By dedicating parts of your day to be screen free when you’re away from work, you can improve your sleep and overall health. A break from screens can have the added bonus of time for other more productive activities.