The holidays are fast approaching and while some might think they are a time for rest and relaxation, others are just itching to pick up their training. Your favorite athletes don’t stop working out just because it gets a little chilly outside! Here’s how you can help keep your super star athletes going strong with our Sport Fuels Life Gift Guide.

Running Shoes

While there is no such thing as the perfect running shoe, there are several options that make training easier. Many runners will tell you that their favorite running shoe compliments their running style and body type. The key is finding a shoe that won’t pinch their feet or make them sweat; it also shouldn’t be too heavy or too stiff. 

Based on Runner’s World Magazine, the Mizuno Wave Rider 24 was named the best in test running shoe by over 200 runners. The Wave Rider has always been considered a great running shoe, being rated 5/5 by almost every tester. It is said to have a great balance of all the things runners want: cushioning, flexibility, durability and grip all in a nice, stylish shoe. These shoes retail at $160.


There are many important factors in choosing a good set of headphones, especially as an athlete. Several factors have to be considered: audio quality, fit, comfort, and battery life. Each one has a different weight depending on what you will be using them for. 

The Sennheiser CX Sport Wireless headphones are a good choice for running. They offer a good audio quality with a deep and lively bass. The earfinns and neckband offer stability and comfort for casual runs. The battery life lasts up to 6 hours–great for the average run, but maybe not for a marathon. You can find these headphones on Amazon for $99.

Water Bottle

Everybody needs to drink water and a healthy, reusable water bottle can be a great motivator to do just that. Carrying a reusable water bottle around is beneficial for everybody. It is more environmentally friendly and cost effective than buying pre-filled plastic bottles, plus they’re usually way cuter. Reusable water bottles, also, have the added benefit of keeping your water colder for longer.

The Takeya Actives water bottle with a spout lid was named the most versatile water bottle by the New York Times. The rubber base on this water bottle is good for any situation whether it's sitting on your desk during class or with you at the gym. The spout lid allows for easy pouring with no spilling and the lid is lockable so it won’t swing back and hit you in the face. These awesome bottles come in a wide range of colors and sizes. The 22-ounce bottle retails at $32.

Yoga Mats

Home workouts have grown in regularity lately and will likely remain popular for a while. A reliable yoga mat can make the difference in a workout. Whether it’s being used for a restorative flow or a  sweaty strength session, a good mat can keep you centered and on our feet (or hands!). A lot of yogis will judge a mat on factors like slip, grip and cushion.

The top rated, affordable yoga mat of 2020 was the Jade Level 1 mat. This lightweight mat offers good traction which prevents you from slipping. Just the right amount of cushioning helps prevent unnecessary soreness and injury. The 4mm thick mat comes in 2 colors and retails at $40.

Foam Roller

Sore muscles are a familiar feeling for all of us. Whether you’re training for a big game or just trying to get in shape, the buildup of lactic acid can put a damper on anyone's training. It’s important to work on breaking it up. A foam roller can be a great addition to any athletes recovery program. 

The best reviewed foam roller is the TriggerPoint GRID. Its bumps and ridges are a favorite of marathon runners and ballerinas alike. The firm center helps the roller keep its shape, while the foam outside helps break up lactic acid. The TriggerPoint is firm without bruising which is why it’s ranked so highly amongst athletes. The roller retails for $35.

Regardless of what you decide to give this year, let your athlete know how much you care by offering up some words on encouragement as we all look forward to wrapping up the strangest year for all sports and ring in the hope of a new year. 

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