The holiday season is in full swing and everyone's schedules are going from busy to chaotic. It seems like any free time we have is going towards shopping, family events, and/or holiday festivities (while celebrating responsibly and staying COVID-safe!) 

When things start to get hectic, our priorities start to shift, and, most often, exercise and fitness is the first to can be easy to lose track of priorities. The good news is that this doesn’t have to be your story this year! We’ve got 3 easy tips to help you keep fitness a priority during this holiday season. 

Balance and Moderation

Balance and moderation are key in every aspect of our lives–fitness, social life, work, and family life. Just because you may not be able to fit a normal workout in your schedule doesn’t mean you have to live a lifestyle as a full-throttle couch potato. Get creative about being active, and practice moderation so that your wellness practice is compatible with the rest of your busy schedule.

Balance in your holiday indulgences is important, too! Go ahead and enjoy those cookies, alongside your great eating habits (healthy fruits, veggies, proteins and fats),  drinking lots of water and getting good sleep. Life is a dance, as they say, and you deserve to enjoy the party!

Keep your body moving

Keeping your body active is extremely important during the holiday season. This time of year can often be a stressful season of cheer, but staying active is a great release of stress and decompression that can support your mental health.

Making time for a quick walk around the block, parking further away than normal from the store, or just simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator are some tips that can increase your physical activity. 

Plan Ahead

Holiday travel and seasonal activities can really complicate your calendar, but you still deserve (and need) to make time for self-care. If you know you’re going to be with family at a certain time, make sure to also prioritize time for a quick fitness check or routine. Keeping yourself on track and being prepared will set you up for success. 

With the hectic schedules that the holiday season brings, it is easy to lose focus on what keeps us calm and energized throughout the season, but you don’t have to lose sight of your fitness goals. Give yourself permission to be flexible and open to change. If you fall a little off track, it’s totally okay! It is possible to enjoy yourself and move on. Most importantly, remember that guilt is part of the lie we believe when we think we’ve fallen off the fitness wagon. It keeps us stagnant when what we really need to be doing is jumping right back into practice!

Enjoy yourself, love yourself, and keep going!

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