The Sport Fuels Life podcast is excited to bring you the Mizuno Volleyball series! Mizuno has been an elite performance brand for decades helping volleyball athletes attain peak performance on and off the court. 

This episode, we’re speaking with Mizuno athlete Tri Bourne; professional beach volleyball player, former professional indoor player and NCAA Division 1 Men's Volleyball player for the USC Trojans. He’s a native Hawaiian, born and raised on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, and spent lots of time on the beach, where he discovered volleyball.  

Mizuno Athlete, Tri Bourne

We cover a lot of topics with Tri, including coaching, goal setting and how learning to control your mental state can help you stay in the game. 

Listen to the episode below to find out why Tri says there’s no such thing as a perfect coach, why setting personal goals and aligning those goals with your team matters, and how his mental state plays such a massive role in his physical performance.