How To Build A Confident Athlete

Tami Matheny has been a coach and an athletic director working to help produce nationally ranked teams, conference champions, and win numerous individual awards. All that, and she’s also the author of The Confidence Journal, The Confident Athlete and her newest book, This is Good!

Tami has worked with college and recreational athletes as well as junior high/high school athletes in golf, soccer, softball, lacrosse, tennis, baseball, basketball, running, and weight lifting.  She has a passion for sports and how the mental game affects performance, and our conversation with her in this episode is so insightful!

She covers her 4 tips for building confidence:

  1. Learn positive productive self talk
  2. Check your body language
  3. Visualize
  4. Put in the work

She also explains how finding the good moment by moment (or play by play) is a total game changer and shares her formula for team success:

Unity + Positive Emotions = Success

You can listen to this episode with Tami Matheny below now!

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  • […] Self confidence and self respect are the building blocks of every other attribute. Respect for the game and respect for yourself help build mental toughness and a desire to improve. While striving for the highest level, you discover what is truly important to you. Understanding your values gives you insight on what type of player you are. It’s important not to compare yourself to your peers, instead focusing on your process. After all, playing the comparison game is a surefire way to suck the joy out of everything. […]

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