LeBron James, Derek Jeter, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh are all successful athletes who have discussed the value of meditation to assist them in their performance during the game.

But why should you try a walking meditation? We’ve got three great reasons!

  1. It Clears Out Mental Fog.
    Taking a walk outside interrupts the monotony of the day, breaks cyclical thinking and helps you balance your perspective.
  2. It Strengthens Your Focus
    Meditation helps train your mind and let unhelpful thoughts pass by without the gravity to pull you into feelings of overwhelm and stress.
  3. It Helps You Stay Present
    When you walk, you can let the worries of the day fade away for a moment. Meditation teaches us to let go of the judgement we usually carry in our own minds and to practice self compassion and curiosity.

We’ve created a calming new playlist for you to use as you walk. Check it out below!