How To Change The World From Right Where You Are

Professional tennis player and longtime coach Tim Siegel had found success in his career and had just shifted gears to slow down and spend more time with his family when the unthinkable happened. His 9 year old son, Luke, was in a terrible golf cart accident and suffered a traumatic brain injury. 

Tim has dedicated his life to caring for his son and helping as many families of children who suffer traumatic brain injuries as he can with his foundation, Team Luke Hope For Minds

Today Tim shares Luke’s story as well as the 5 inspirations he learned from Luke, which Tim uses when he speaks at schools and businesses across the nation. He also wrote a powerful book about this experience called It’s In God’s Hands

Take a listen to this special episode below to be encouraged and filled with hope that even when you may find yourself in the middle of a dark night, you can change the world simply by loving the people in your own life with more intention and purpose.

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Team Luke Hope For Minds is currently hosting a Christmas in July virtual fundraiser. Due to Covid-19, their work has been impacted in that almost all of their 2020 fundraising events have been cancelled. To make a donation to Team Luke Hope For Minds,  you can text “JULY” to 76278 or visit

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