The 5 Stages of Successful Coaching

ATP tennis coach Craig Boynton joins us in this episode of the Sport Fuels Life podcast, where he shares his coaching strategy for player evaluation as well as his top 5 tips for becoming a successful coach and mentor to your players.

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Craig shares his perspective on how the answers to these important questions can aid coaches when evaluating their player or team’s performance: 

Are your athletes exhibiting confidence? 

Are they self-driven? 

Are they resilient, problem-solvers? 

What is their foundational upbringing–where are they coming from?

He also deep dives into his 5 stages of coaching:

  1. Build Trust
  2. Develop Structure
  3. Accountability: Coach to player
  4. Accountability: Player to self
  5. Management

Take a listen to this insightful episode packed full of wisdom and inspiration below!

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