We recently caught up with Nick Gwiazdowski, a North Carolina State graduate and wrestler who won back-to-back national championships in 2014-15.

Photo: Max Rose-Fyne/UWW

Nick realized his passion for wrestling during his middle school and high school years at Duanesburg High School, under the late Coach Joe Bena. “By the time I was in 8th grade, Coach Bena was a retired teacher and on his second stint as a Varsity wrestling coach. This followed a short-lived retirement after a career of 30+ years and multiple champions at all levels. Coach Bena was a positive influence, a man who encouraged and challenged me. But he always made sure we were having fun and enjoying the hard labors of wrestling. Those years learning the basics of the sport and mastering the high school landscape was a huge positive impact in my life and really cultivated my already strong passion for wrestling.” Gwiazdowski came from an athletic family. His older brother was a great source of inspiration (and healthy competition) as he developed his love for sports.

Nick’s motivation for wrestling runs deep. “I do this because it's my passion and I love it. I have devoted a lot of time to it, and have discovered these God-given talents that make it possible for me to succeed. I’ve been supported by so many people along the way, most notably my parents, family, coaches, teammates, and amazing fans all encouraging me to do my best. That’s my goal each time I get on the mat. Just give it my best effort.” 

Gwiazdowski says his relationship with his coaches over the course of his career has helped shape him as an athlete in his day-to-day life, but it doesn’t always come easily. “These relationships have evolved throughout my career. What stays constant, and at times is most challenging, is trusting what they are saying in matches and during training. Sometimes what a coach asks of me is challenging, but I know I need to surrender to the process. I think it is important to keep communication open with my coaches so that they know what I am thinking in different positions. At times in the match they can better guide me and help me develop moves I already do or even find new ways to push me in training.”

When it comes to mental toughness, Nick knows the importance of building his self-confidence before a match. “I remember that I'm a highly successful wrestler, and I know I can compete against anyone, I am built for this sport, and that's it. I trust  instincts that I have developed in training and let it rip! Simplifying the event helps too. I know that this match will not ruin my life if it doesn't go well, and I will still wake up the next day! I think overall. I aim to simplify the task at hand, knowing that there isn't a shortcut to where I want to go–or get the win–so it's going to be hard. That's guaranteed. The more times you face the pressure, the faster and more successful you will be at operating under it. It's more instinctual,” he said. 

Training on the mat with focus and attention to detail for the entirety of a practice, exercising discipline in the weightroom (proper form and solid reps) are part of the formula for greatness that gives Nick a competitive edge. “I'm always learning from my peers as well as books and people in other professions who are elite at what they do–whether it’s a new routine, a focus on recovery and sleep, or practicing visualization and mindfulness. Practice is the key to everything, you have to have a certain amount of failures before it will be perfect or competition ready.” 

Giving back and supporting charitable causes is also part of what makes Nick an athlete of both skill and integrity. “In 2019 I began donating platelets and blood to the Red Cross as often as I could (as long as it did not interfere with training or competitions). I ended up donating 15 units of blood/platelets/plasma. This was something that my mother really inspired me to do because I witnessed her doing it regularly over the last few years. It makes such a huge impact on all types of people. My body is healthy, but my time is limited because of my schedule. This is a way I have found to positively impact people, even if I will never meet them.”

Nick believes that sports enhances life, offering people a reason to better themselves from a physical or mental aspect. He says sport can create opportunities in professions and friendships that help support a positive mental space for individuals; “Being involved in sports can transform, influence, and unite so many people–far and wide–bringing various cultures and traditional rivals together.”

We think Gwiazdowski’s perspective on what good may come from the Coronavirus global pandemic is a winning one: “I think people will be more grateful for their ability to go wherever they want, and be with whomever they want. In today’s world, we seem to move so fast that we almost ignore–or give very limited attention to–certain tasks or events. Now in this extremely unique period, we have an abundance of time to check in with the people who matter most and reflect on our personal and professional direction.”
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